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Green Technology: Green Roofs & Waterproofing

RD Herbert & Sons Company installs new commercial, industrial, and residential green roof systems and waterproofing. On the forefront of innovation, RD Herbert & Sons Co. embraces LEED contracts (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), provides cool roofs, and suggests solar roofing panels to clients and contractors. Our company offers bio-based products including soybean-based coatings for roofs and flashings with a white reflective surface. Technically, since we install natural copper, slate, and zinc, RD Herbert & Sons Company has been using recyclable materials as long as we’ve been in business!

As the country looks forward to find new ways to conserve energy, a green roof continues to provide a gratifying way to realize this undertaking. One facet of green roofs is the waterproofing system, which generally includes a membrane sandwiched between hot rubber or multiple layers of membranes to protect the roof itself. Please view the slideshow to the left to visualize the process of installing a green roof. We are recognized as a leader in Nashville for the application of green roofs. In the newest trend of installing rooftop pools, our waterproofing systems provide the roof an extra layer of protection and grant our clients peace of mind.

Typical Green Roof Assembly

Advantages of a Green Roof

According to, green roofs provide many advantages to owners. Perhaps the greatest ecological function a green roof can provide is its storm water management capacity. They can also reduce ambient air temperatures and increase humidity levels in the surrounding areas and provide a habitat for a diversity of wildlife species. Green roofs can filter and bind dust particles, and naturally filter airborne toxins. Green roof architecture embodies both physical and culturally sustainable design concepts.

The initial extra short-term capital costs of green roof construction can be offset through long-term energy and maintenance savings. The economic benefits represent real reasons for local municipalities, developers and private residence owners to consider opting for a green roof although initial costs may be higher.  And in fact, the U.S. Green Building Council and others say that new advances in green design have shown that a green building doesn't necessarily have to cost any more than a conventional one.

In addition to minimizing energy and materials use, reducing pollution and preserving habitat, ecological design is all about fostering community, health and beauty (Van der Ryn and Cowan, 1996). Architects, city planners, engineers and landscape architects, among others, have the opportunity to amend our built spaces to include living, moving matter. We can create aesthetically pleasing and vigorous, sustainable native and/or naturalized plant communities with the addition of green roofs.

Many psychological studies have proven that the overall quality of life can be enhanced by the addition of natural green spaces. In urban settings creative green roof plan views offer a welcome respite from dreary gravel, asphalt & concrete roof canyons. Sense of community can be fostered through shared intensive green roof gardens. 

Prominent installations include:
Morgan Park Place Green Roof Westview Condos Green Roof Nuehoff Packing Plant Green Roof Shelby Bottoms Nature Center Green Roof RD Herbert & Sons Roofing & Sheet Metal Green Roof
Green Business

RD Herbert is going green!

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