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Repairs & Maintenance

The RD Herbert & Sons Company offers maintenance for our roofing and wall systems as well as repairs for commercial, industrial, and residential building owners. The best preventative maintenance is accomplished by performing semi-annual inspections to identify and solve potential problems before they occur. Roofs suffer more abuse from the elements than any other part of the building, and preventative maintenance is the key to prolonging the life of your roofing and protecting your investment.

Leak calls for roofs under a manufacturer's warranty are unique repair services. Most of our manufacturers require the building owner or manager call them directly about the leak. The manufacturer then contacts our company to do the work. Feel free to contact us also and an RD Herbert representative can guide you through the process. We do our best to respond promptly to your situation. Reference the left sidebar for information about contacting manufacturers.

Preventative Maintenance Services include:
Roof Analysis
Written Report

Low Slope Repair: This roof had a leak caused by a damaged flashing. A new patch was applied and caulked watertight.

Single-Ply, Low Slope Roof Membrane Hole in flashing Before   Patched Hole in Single-Ply, Low Slope Roof MembraneAfter

Steep SLope Repair: The shingles and pipe boot on this roof were damaged around the vent pipe. A new pipe boot and shingles were installed.

Shingle Roof with damaged vent pipe bootBefore   After

The Infrared camera is a tool we use for prospective jobs. The images produced show whether a building needs a new roof or retro-fit by showing wet areas under the existing roofing.

 Photograph of Roof at NightPhotograph of a roof at night   Infared Photo of Low Slope RoofInfrared image of the same roof