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Architectural Sheet Metal

RD Herbert & Sons Company installs new and retrofit, commercial, industrial, and residential roofing and wall systems. This division provides the flashings necessary to complete any quality roofing system such as copings, curb flashing, counter flashings, and gutters. Roofing and wall systems include Standing Seam and Flat Lock Copper, Kynar Finished Steel and Aluminum, Lead Coated Copper, Rheinzink, and Terne-Coated Steel.

Prominent installations include:
Vine Street Christian Church: Stainless Steel Batten Seam Roof Harpeth Hall Middle School: Copper Standing Seam Roof First Baptist Church Steeple: Copper Steeple Adventure Science Center: Bermuda Roof Panels & PVC Roofing Springfield Courthouse: Historic Renovation: Copper & EPDM Roofs

Werthan Mills: Wall panels, Standing Seam Roof, Single Ply RoofWerthan Mills Phase IV renovations completed in 2007 included new Dark Bronze Flush Seam wall panels and Charcoal Gray standing seam and galvalume corrugated roofing.
East End Lofts: Shingles, EPDM, Wall PanelsAt East End Lofts the building walls are partially clad in Berridge S Deck that complements the urban feel of the structure.