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Commercial Roofing
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Shingle, Mod-Bit, & Built-Up Roofs: Trevecca University Metal Wall Panels Mod-Bit Roof: Vanderbilt University Commercial Roof installation Copper Standing Seam & Mod-Bit Roofs & Metal Wall Panels: Schermerhorn Symphony Copper Standing Seam Roof Mod-Bit Roof: Viridian Condos
Slate Roofing Stainless Steel Coping copper Standing Seam Roof Panels Mod-Bit Roof Installation
1: Trevecca University: Boone Business Buildingmaterials: Garland Mod-Bit, Built-Up, R-Mer Lite & GAF Shingle Roofssq feet: 43,520 2: Vanderbilt
University: MRB IV
materials: Soprema Mod-Bit Roof

sq feet: 33,600
3: Schermerhorn Symphony Centermaterials: Soperma Built-Up Roof

sq feet: 36,051
4: Viridian

materials: Soprema Mod-Bit Roof

sq feet: 11,100
Metal Wall panels
Built-Up Roof
Mod-Bit & Standing Seam Roofs: Icon in the Gulch Pool Waterproofing Mod-Bit Roof: Rhythm at Music Row Roof Repairs & Maintenance Built-Up Roof: Meharry Medical Center Roof Coating Restoration Roof Coating: Municipal Auditorium
Mod-Bit Roof Mod-Bit Roof Built-UPp Tremco Roof Roof Coating
5: Icon in the Gulch

materials: Soprema Mod-Bit Roof
sq feet: 106,000
6: Rhythm at Music Row

materials: Soprema Mod-Bit Roof
sq feet: 16,000
7: Meharry Medical Collegematerials: Tremco Built-Up Roof
sq feet: 29,000
8: Municipal Auditorium

materials: United Coatings Elastomeric Roof sq feet: 79,382
Commercial Roofing
Industrial Roofs
Shingle Roof: TN Corrections Academy Steep Slope Roofing EPDM & Standing Seam Roofs: Central WWTP EPDM & TPO Roofs Shingle Roof: Richland Place Copper Flashing  Slate, Copper & TPO Roofs: Harpeth Hall Souby Hall
Shingle Roof EPDM Roof Roof Over Shingles Slate & Copper Roofs
9: Tennessee Corrections Academymaterials: GAF Shingle Roof

sq feet: 15,900
10: Central Waste Water Treatment Plantmaterials: Carlisle EPDM Roof

sq feet: 53,500
11: Richland Place

materials: Tamko Shingle Roof

sq feet: 70,800
12: Harpeth Hall
Souby Hall
materials: Evergreen Slate, Copper 16 oz Flat Lock & Carlisle TPO Roofssq feet: 5,500
School Roofs
Insitiutional Roofs
EPDM & Standing Seam Roofs: MTSU COEBS Asphalt Roofing  PVC & Metal Soffit Panels: GracePointe Church Nashville Roofing Company TPO Roof: Montgomery Central High School Bitument Roofing  Built-Up Roof & Tile Repair: Omohundro Water Treatment Plant
Single Ply Roof PVC Roof System TPO Roof System Historic Repairs & Replacement
13: MTSU: College of Education & Behavioral Sciencematerials: Carlisle EPDM Roof & Berridge 24 ga Cee-Lock Roof Panels
sq feet: 35,200
14: GracePointe Church

materials: Duro-Last PVC Roof & Una-Clad 24 ga Flush Seam Wall Panels
sq feet: 15,800
15: Montgomery Central High school

materials: Carlisle TPO Roof

sq feet: 75,000
16: Omohundro water treatment plant

materials: Garland Built-Up Roof

sq feet: 27,000
Tile Roofs
Government Roofs
EPDM Re-Roof: Black Fox Elementary Flat roof system Built-Up Roof: University of the South: Fowler Center Asphalt Roof Repairs Mod-Bit Roof: Trevecca University: Center for Leadership, Calling and Service Flat Roof Coating TPO Roof: 100 Oaks Medical Center
EPDM Roof Sheet Metal Fabrication Garland Built Up Roof Vanderbilt 100 Oaks TPO Roof System
17: Black Fox Elementary Schoolmaterials: Carlisle EPDM Roof

sq feet: 108,000
18: University of the south: Fowler Centermaterials: Tremco Built-Up Roof

sq feet: 6,900
19: Trevecca University: Center for Leadership
materials: Garland Built-Up Roof & Carlisle EPDM Roof
sq feet: 8,330
20: Vanderblit Health
100 Oaks
materials: Carlisle TPO Roof

sq feet: 207,300
Roofing material
Commercial Roof Installation