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2:  Neuhoff Packing Plant – Nashville, TN
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Neuhoff Packing Plant
1312 Adams Street
Nashville, TN 37208

Green Roof Designer/ Landscape Architect:
PIVOT Landscape Architecture
Portland, OR

GroWild Nursery
Fairview, TN

Roof System:
Famos Mod-Bit roof

Roof Area profile:
2,600 square feet
Historic Renovation

Extensive Green RoofPhoto by: Aerial Innovations of TN, Inc Building Note:
As part of the owners' ongoing renovations of the original meat packing plant, an extensive green roof was proposed on a two story section. Designed as a pilot project to determine the viability in this area, the owners plan to install a larger green roof on an adjacent building with further plans to turn this once abandoned warehouse into a center for Nashville's arts and sustainable conservation design.
WaterproofingPhoto by: Aerial Innovations of TN, Inc

The project started by removing the existing roofing to install the necessary vapor barrier, insulation, and first layer of Famos waterproofing. The top membrane integrated copper foil into the modified membrane and surfaced with hydrogel crystals to improve drought resistance. Five inches of growth media topped the waterproofing. Over 1200 plants from 15 different species were installed on this roof. The landscape architect and plant supplier chose to use plants indigenous to Middle Tennessee. The edges and penetrations required an 18" border of pea gravel to aid in proper drainage and to limit root migration.

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