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5:  RD Herbert & Sons Building – Nashville, TN
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RD Herbert Building
1407 Third Avenue North
Nashville, TN 37208

Planting Design:
Kevin Guenther & Associates
Nashville, TN

Roof System:
Carlisle 60 mil black EPDM with root barrier and drainage mat

Roof Area profile:
200 square feet

Native Plants

Building Note:
At RD Herbert, we strive to showcase our products and services throughout our office building. Having completed many of the cities' green roofs, our company decided to install an extensive green roof over our own entrance canopy. When a client enters the second-floor reception area, the green roof provides a pleasant view through the windows. Spring of 2011 we updated our plants adding a variety of color and trailing vines.


This photo shows the installation process of the root barrier, drainage mat and metal edging. The metal edging separates the pea gravel from the plantings and does not allow shifting of the growth media and aids in preventing root migration. An assortment of plants chosen for this area include: Liriope Silver Dragon, Dianthus Deltoids, Rosemary, Elijah Blue, and Liriope Big Blue. Addional plants include: Coral Bells, Creeping Phlox, Lantana, Illumination Vinca, Autum Joy, and Vinca Vine

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