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6:  Freeman Webb Building– Nashville, TN
mercial Green Roof
Residential Green Roof

Freeman Webb Building
3810 Bedford Ave.
Nashville, TN 37215

Hastings Architecture
Nashville, TN

General Contractor:
Wieck Construction
Nashville, TN

Greathouse Landscape Co.
Nashville, TN

Roof System:
CCW 500R reinforced liquid membrane roof & Carlisle 60 mil white TPO roof

Roof Area profile:
8,500 square feet CCW
11,000 square feet TPO
New Construction

 Green Roof Freeman Webb Building Note:
When a building is designed to be eco-conscious in all facets, a green roof is the natural option. As Tennessee's first LEED Gold Certified building, the Freeman Webb Building required adherence to many energy and ecological standards. Using CCW 500R to waterproof the roofing deck provides maximum protection while allowing for multiple finished surfaces. Exposed coverings include concrete slabs, wood decking, and planting areas.
Skygarden Green Roof Detail:
The use of native plants reduces the necessity of excessive watering. Separate roof areas allow the building owners to have their own relaxing, secluded private roof space while providing additional separate community roof areas. Opposite the green roof, a white Carlisle TPO membrane reflects the sunlight to reduce heat in the building.
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