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10:  War Memorial Plaza – Nashville, TN
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Waterproofing: War Memorial Plaza

War Memorial Plaza
Sixth Avenue
Nashville, TN 37208

Thomas Miller Partners
Brentwood, TN

General Contractors:
Ray Bell Construction Brentwood, TN

Waterproofing System:
CCW 500R reinforced liquid membrane

Custom granite plaza slabs on custom concrete pedestals

Roof Area profile:
135,000 square feet

War Memorial Plaza statue Building Note:
This space was originally designated as War Memorial Gardens in 1925 and built to honor the solders who died in World War I. In 1974 the gardens were replaced with Legislative Plaza and paid tribute to solders fallen in all major conflicts since WWI. Renovations started in 2004 to repair leaks in the offices and parking garage below. Our work included waterproofing the entire plaza, front atrium, stairs, and a small structure across Charlotte Avenue.
War Memorial Plaza Detail:
The architect chose Carlisle CCW reinforced liquid membrane to cover and protect the space below the Plaza. The existing plaza pavers were removed by the General Contractor to allow us access to the concrete deck. Due to the size of the project, phasing was necessary beginning with the main plaza then the stairs, front atrium and finishing with the tunnel access building across the street. Two additional upgrades to the Plaza were also done by RD Herbert at the request of the State.
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