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7:  Woodlawn Drive Residence – Nashville, TN
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Woodlawn Drive Nashville, TN 37205

Roof System:
Evergreen Natural Vermont slate Vermont Black roof with a staggered exposure pattern and random widths

Roof Area profile:
3,000 square feet
Roof Replacement

Copper Valley & Vent Flashing Building Note:
The owner chose to remove the existing slate roof and replace with new slate, as part of an exterior renovation including landscaping and painting. The new roof blends beautifully with the home's Tudor style. The durability of slate grants peace of mind to the owner for it's endurance. Our company used a staggered exposure pattern and random width slate to add visual texture to the roof.
Copper Gutter & Flashing Detail:
All the accompanying flashings are 16-oz copper including the vent pipe, valley and wall flashings. Completing the rainwater system are 130 linear feet of copper half-round gutters, 8 round downspouts and a two copper conductor heads.
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