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Stainless Steel Batten Seam Metal Roof Stainless Steel Steeple Copper Roof: Harpeth Hall Copper Dormers Nashvile Public Square Flat lock roof Metal Roof: Adventure Science Center
Stainless Steel Batten Roof Copper Standing Seem Roof terne-coated steel Kynar Steel Roof
1:Vine Street
Christian Church

materials: Stainless Steel 26 ga Batten Seam, Certianteed Shingle & Carlisle TPO Roofssq feet: 18,272 total
2: Harpeth Hall
Middle School

materials: Copper 16-oz Standing Seam Roof

sq feet: 11,000
3: Nashville
Public Square

materials: Follansbee TCS II 28 ga Flat Lock Roofs

sq feet: 3,800
4: Adventure Science Center: Sky & space additionmaterials: Berridge 24 ga Bermuda Panel & Carlisle PVC Roofs

sq feet: 13,000
Standing Seam roof
Flat Lock Roof
Historic Roof Renovation:  Springfield Rheinzink Standing Seam Roof Rheinzink Roof Rheinzink Gutters Copper Steeple: First Baptist Church Metal Wall Panels Metal Roof & Wall Panels: Werthan Mills
Copper Standing Seam & flat lock Roof Rheinzink Rainwater collection system Copper Custom Steeple Standing Seam Roof
5: Springfield Courthouse Renovationmaterials: Copper 16-oz Standing Seam/ Flat Lock & Carlisle EPDM Roofs

sq feet:6,734 total
6: Residential
Porch Roof
materials: Rheinzink 24 ga Standing Seam Roof

sq feet: 1,000
7: First Baptist
Church Steeple
materials: Copper 32-oz Flat Lock Roof

sq feet: 2,800
8: Werthan Mills
Phase IV
materials: Una-Clad 24 ga Standing
Seam Roof & Flush Seam Wall Panels
sq feet: 6,000 roof & 14,300 wall panels
Historic Roof Renovation
Roof Repairs
Corrugated Metal Wall panels: East End Lofts coping Metal Wall panels: Morgan Park Place Metal roof colors Copper Wall Panel:  University School of Nashville Chimney Cap Metal Flashings & ornamentation
Corrugated Metal panels Wall Panels Copper Flat Lock Wall Panels Metal Flashing
9: East End lofts

materials: Berridge 24 ga S-Deck Wall Panelssq feet: 5,827
10: Morgan Park
PLace Condos
materials: Pac-Clad 24 ga Flush Seam
Wall Panels
sq feet: 20,000
11: University School of Nashvillematerials: 16 oz Copper Wall Panels & Una-Clad 24 ga Flush Seam
Seam Wall Panels
sq feet: 1,325
12: Metal Specialties

materials: Various
Metal Roofing Contractor
Metal Roof Installation
Roof Repairs