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7:  First Baptist Church Nashville – Nashville, TN
Copper Standing Seem Roof
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First Baptist Church Steeple Flat lock roof

First Baptist Church Nashville
108 Seventh Ave. South
Nashville, TN 37203

R. Chris Magill Architects, Inc.
Brentwood, TN
Steeple Replacement
Metal Flashings

Roof System:
Copper 32-oz flat lock roof

Roof Area profile:
2,800 square feet
Historic Steeple Renovation

Historic Roof Renovation Wall Panels
Metal Wall Panels Copper Wall Panel
Custom Copper Details Building Note:
This steeple was originally built in 1866. In 2001, the church contracted with RD Herbert to restore the structure using new flat lock copper roofing while maintaining its historical integrity. Our sheet metal shop reconstructed the detail banding running around the steeple. Rising 190 feet into the air this structure stands out on the Nashville skyline.
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Custom Fabricated Cross Detail:
The ornate stainless steel cross was fabricated by our custom sheet metal shop and installed along with the 42" diameter copper ball at the end of restoration.
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