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12:  Metal Specialties – Nashville, TN
Copper Standing Seem Roof
Roof Metal
Rain Head Copper Conductor Head Copper Rain Head Kynar Metal Rain Head
Custom Conductor Head Copper Conductor Head Aluminum Collector Heads Leader Heads
Copper Scupper Boxes Metal Scupper Boxes Copper Leader Heads Copper Collector Heads
Flat lock roof Metal Specialties:
Metal Specialties are the finishing touches to a roof; details that highlight the building edges, channel rain water and seal a structure while adding character, color and charm to the facade. A wide variety of materials, colors and styles are available for the range of metal specialties. Copper, Stainless Steel, Kynar Steel and Aluminum, and Zinc are just a few of the materials we offer with outstanding results.
Lead-Coated Copper
Conductor Heads:
From timelessly elegant to classic lines, the multitude of styles for conductor heads is endless. These functional pieces add decoration and character to a building.
copper finials accessories for replication or restoration
roof spires Copper Roof Caps
Copper Spire
Copper Spire
Copper Roof Finials
Roof Spires
Steeple Finial
Spires & finIals:
These finishing touches can be ornate or quite simple.
Architectural Sheet Metal Fabricators Paint-Grip Steel
Break Forming
Chimney Cap Copper Chimney Cap
Copper Chimney Cap
Chimney Cap: Standing Seam Chimney Cap Metal  
Chimney Caps:
Traditionally fabricated from copper, chimney caps serve a functional purpose to keep rain water and animals from entering a home.
Rainwater Collection Downspout Copper Gutters & Downspout
Gutter Cleaning Copper Queen Anne Gutter Gutter installation
Gutters & Downspouts:
Rain water collection systems divert water from the roof to the ground while adding an aesthetic touch to a building's edges.

Style options include: built-in, half-round, ogee, or box gutters with either rectangular, round or square downspouts.
Metal Flashings Wall Panels
Corrugated Metal Wall panels Copper Wall Panel
Aluminum Coping Wall Cap Architectural Coping
Capping Copper Cornice Coping
Standing Seam Coping Coping Coping  & Railing
Copings protect the top of parapet walls from the elements. A wide variety of color and material choices allow the owner to customize the building.

Typical seam options include: lap, cover plate, concealed plate, or standing seam.
Historic Roof Renovation Metal Flashing
Metal Wall Panels Roof Edge
edge metal Drip Edge
Gravel Guard
Copper Drip Edge edge metal
Edge Metal:
Edge metal defines and finishes the perimeter of the building.
Kynar Steel Roof Copper Standing Seem Roof
Rheinzink Rainwater collection system Roofing Services
Wall Flashing Valley Flashing Copper Step Flashing
Step Flashing Flashing Hip Cap Copper Flashing
Chimney Flashing Step Flashing Curb Flashing
Metal flashings are important at critical junctures of angle or material changes. Typical roof flashings include wall, valley, curb, penetration, step flashings, and counterflashings.
Roof Repair
Roof Maintenance
Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication